A work of art an invitation; an opportunity to introduce a new perspective to interact with the viewer’s experiences and beliefs.  A story which touches an idea inside of them that moments ago, seemed to have no other human connection.  It is a communion that helps refine our beliefs and understanding - a reminder of our place in the greater world.

Authorship is unavoidable and our brief existence in this world means our works will outlive us for a time. Eventually our names will lose all connection with our work, but through the communion of artist and viewer, these ideas may find a place in our reflections and stories and flow in the blood of those who will never know us. 


It is my belief that good design can enhance a users experience and can give a memorable shape to a brand, but without good communications, the expression of benefit and a useable platform for the consumer to meet their objectives, all the great design in the world won't help. 

I have 20 years experience in web design, site architecture and user interface design. My work includes content sites, online storefronts, live event sites, online learning, (instructor lead and video based). 

I believe strongly in user-centered design and that a user-centered focus is the most direct pathway to online commercial success. I have reworked over 70 commercial sites into responsive designs both content and storefront. This work includes design, persona creation, user scenario work, site architecture, wire frame and iterative design, working with marketing, content creators and development teams.